Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday Drive

We went for a drive looking for sand the other day. There is just no sand available to buy or anything here. Living up here you are entitle to 35m3 a year free. We just need a little bit for the boys sandbox. So on Sunday we went on a little excursion. We packed a picnic basket so we could do a wiener roast and brought a few pails with us. So off we went for a little drive. Took the ferry, took some turns and found the place we were looking for but there was no sand.
We decided to build a fire and have our picnic but realized that we didn't have our bag with us. :( We did have some juice and chip and cherries we bought at the store on the way so the kids had that.
On the drive back we found a little spot in a ditch with some good sand, so we dug and hauled that back with us. We'll need plenty more trips to get enough though. Next time we'll remember the picnic basket.
Took some photos on the drive.

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