Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday my Son!

I have struggled being his parent and not because he's a bad kid but because I had to look at how I was parenting. He's taught me a lot over the years. I thought becoming a parent would be so easy, Marcel and I are pretty easygoing and laid back and I expected our children to be this way as well. It's not the case at all!
Right away we were fraught with eczema and then allergies, unknown things like cold urticaria. Talk about frustrating and scary and feeling helpless.
So I think his behaviours stem from some of that, plus all the needles and testing. He's terrified of needles. Try getting his blood-work down! Dang! He has sensory issues as well and he learns differently. You think he's not paying attention to you but then afterward he knows what you were saying. Too weird.
All that aside he's taught me how to challenge myself, question myself and strive to be a better mother to this boy who won't go inside a box.
He's so smart, we learned this early and this comes with it's challenges too! He's so imaginative and creative and I love that about him. He gets to interested in things and learns everything about them. He's really into Pokemon right now and I can't believe how he remembers the names of all the characters and there are tons of them. Kids eh?
He wants to be an actor or a director. He's very much into film and the creative process. He has so many ideas and everyday he is telling me something new and exciting about his characters or his stories. He amazes me everyday.
This boy of mine taught me how to really love and open up my heart. I just really can't express how much I am in awe of my son. 
Plus. I can't believe that I have a 10 year old. Time sure flies.

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