Friday, September 16, 2011

Here I am and it's 5:30am. I've been up for an hour already.Gosh, not sure what is going on with me. The last few nights I have gone to bed super early before 10:30 and then last night I turned out the light just after 9:30 I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, so now here I am.

We've been busy. I've been changing the house around and Marcel has been building me a shed. I really can't wait except my back has been sore the last two days and moving stuff into the shed may be difficult with a sore back. Luckily my Husband has a dolly to use. So he should be getting it done today. Fingers crossed.  I'm so excited! I've been wanting a shed for years now.

Life has been pretty busy but not as hectic some days. I love that the boys are maturing and getting along better, not that it's perfect but much better. I'm pleased with the progress they are all making and we as parents are making. So life is good right now.

It's been some time since I've felt at peace. Most days I feel like I'm in a good spot and there are still days when I think about my Dad and it hurts. I don't cry as often so that is a good thing. While I'm feeling better, my house has never looked so good and getting better everyday. I'm getting back to myself, to my ways that I have missed. It's nice.

I still have some to go. I'm still finding it difficult to get back to an exercise routine but I have been losing weight through diet right now so that is a plus as well. It's slow progress right now but I've only been back at it a couple of weeks, okay really, I just started being real with week and yesterday wasn't a good day for eating since my son wanted greek food and we had cake. I'm back to it today though.

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