Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

Beatrice Bottomwell never made mistakes, she was nine and that's old to never have made a mistake until one day she almost makes a mistake. She is worried, what would happen if she were to make a mistake? We will find out!
In a society where everyone is trying to be perfect, our children some how think they also need to be perfect and at times its hard to make them see that mistakes are perfectly natural and great learning experiences. This book explores the answer to that question.
My ten year old understood, as he sometimes hates making mistakes and wants to be perfect at everything. This book helped him to think about that, about wanting and being perfect all the time. If he never made mistakes then how would he have fun because sometimes when you are having fun and being silly mistakes can get made. So yes sometimes it's fun to make mistakes. 
My younger kids loved the book and had many giggles from some of the antics in the story. The loved the juggling, hamster and the mistakes! So it was enjoy by all in our little family. 
The book was fun and easy to read to the kids and they had many questions and lots of pictures to look at and ask more questions about. They also liked the little brother!

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