Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days - Day 16 Obstacles

I'm sitting here this morning in my very clean craft room sipping on my morning latte. Don't ya just love Tassimo? Anywho, I got nothing. I have a notebook filled with ideas but nothing is grabbing me today.

The last few days have been off. Too many sweets. I have a major sweet tooth and nothing does me in like cake. Yesterday I went sewing for the day and there was this divine dump cake, it wasn't just the cake it was the sweet melt on your tongue icing. I took a piece home too!

I have days when I crave sweets. I hate it but I try not to obsess over it and make it a big deal. If I make it a big deal then it has power and that power usually makes me feel guilty and I've become good at avoiding uncomfortable situations and that includes guilt.

Sometimes life does throw obstacle in our way that prevent us from reaching our goals. Our job is to find ways to get around that, deal with all those feelings that come from any situation. Talk it out with someone, a counselor is probably your best bet, even friends can be great listeners. I know I vent too much to my Husband , good thing he loves me and supports all my efforts.

Exercise is a great mood lifter and stress reliever. Exercise helps moderate your weight and keeps you healthy. Find something you like to do and do it!

Avoid stressors, avoid temptation and live in moderation. Those are the things I am working on this week.

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