Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Busy, busy.

 I made myself a wreath out of some dryer duct. There is nowhere in town to buy wreaths and I had to improvise. I did a Halloween theme but I have plans for it to be more of a Christmas theme, minus the cobwebs.
 I couldn't pass up this candelabra. I even made them get it out of the window display. Isn't she pretty?
 I think moved some things around the house.

Because I brought this baby home. My Mom was cleaning out the house again. I just love it. It used to be my Nana's and then my Dad's so it's sentimental. I had briefly thought about painting it but the grain on the wood is so lovely. I just dusted it up with some of Murphy's orange cleaner stuff and it's all pretty and fresh now! 
I moved my Nana's old cookie jar to take a place on the new cabinet.
 I did a few projects from Pinterest. Painted these candle holders. I used rubber bands to make the lines.
 The boys colored some ghosts on these milk jugs and I filled them with lights. They were a hit!

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