Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bumps in the Road

It's so easy to let things slide.
But the most important thing is to get back up
Keep moving ahead.

I've had basically a week off.
I only skipped one aquafit and I still ran.
Wow, can't believe I said that.

Except it wasn't enough.
Today I feel sore and my foot is aching.
So glad aquafit is back tomorrow for me.

I may have to start up at the gym again.
We are hoping for a treadmill this fall.
Still waiting to see.

Today it was back to healthy eating.
Starting with my green smoothie.
Protein for breakfast.
Only one coffee today.
No muffins!
Health lunch and dinner.

Kids are getting back on bed schedule for school.
So I'm off to read and meditate before bed.

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