Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Morning

I visited with my coach last weekend and came to some conclusions.

My limiting beliefs have to do with some thoughts of things I was told by people or actions that have manifested into negative feelings with words or activities and how they affect me. Also possibly have negative feelings associated with activities that leave me feeling hurt and lost. So I have some work to do in that regard. Changing what I feel about those activities so they are not negative anymore and have nothing to do with my past.

So I have set backs and I'm being positive about them and not using them as an excuse, I'm using them as stepping stones to a smarter, healthier me. I will prevail even if there are some minor set backs.

Today started off great. The last week I've had some really bad pains in my feet. I'm associating that with the running or diet. So I'm going to scale back to walking again until I've lost more weight. I'm continuing on with my aquafit. I need to make time for yoga still. The boys and I are back at biking or walking now the Mica has decided he is ready to ride his bike and he did it Saturday. No training wheels, he barely used a bike the last two summers and now he just decides one day and he's out there non stop riding his bike. He is very happy about it and proud that he learned to ride his bike no training wheels.

I'm going to be doing a cleanse starting August 5. My eating has slowly gone back to eating dairy, wheat and sugar. So I have to do an elimination diet again to see which is affecting me so.

It's been a busy week. One of my best friends has left on a trip of a lifetime to Scotland/Ireland. She'll be away for her birthday so Wednesday we did our usual drinks on her porch but I brought extra friends and chocolate cake. It was a great time. I love visiting with friends.

Then on Friday, an old friend was in town. I haven't seen her in over 12 years. She moved when she was pregnant, came back when the baby was around 9 months and I haven'seen her since she moved across the country. So her baby is now a very tall 13 year old who got on famously with my 11 almost 12 year old, made me wish that she still lived here. I missed her so much and it was so good to have a nice long talk and we went out and enjoyed the sun while the boys played in a nearby pond. Our 7 and 8 year old got on as well.

Planning on camping again with another friend in a couple of weeks. So the boys are excited about that. Going back to the lake which was so much fun! So working my way back on track. Yipee!

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