Monday, July 08, 2013

Moving On...

is one so the toughest things to do. Especially when you are clinging to something that just isn't there anymore. I had a bit of a break down the other day at his loss. I miss my Dad immensely. He's someone I think of everyday. Most especially when I'm out in my garden doing what he loved. I even sometimes talk to him I miss him that much.

I think that it helps. I'm dealing with my losses everyday, I'm coping and learning to heal from them. I've had many the last few years and I no longer hide from them, I deal with the pain of it and heal. I move on. Holding on too long is only painful and I will be happy. In this journey I've put myself first and that is only for the good of my family. To be healthy and in the present with them. It's no longer time to wallow in the past, its time to open the windows and let the bright future in.

I feel I will be a better mother, wife, friend for all these strides I've made to be healthy physically as well as mentally.

My Dad provided me with many things in life. He loved me so much and I know it and feel it everyday. I miss you Dad and I know you are there watching over us all.

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