Wednesday, July 03, 2013

On the run....

This has been an awful week for sleeping in. I've had a cold for 10 days now and I thought it was going away and then it resurfaced in a different form. First it was head congestion with stuffed nose and cough. Now cough is still there but my ears hurt and my head rattles with loud noises or heavy steps/jumping. So needless to say I'm sleeping deep and waking up late. So the morning is a rush and I hate morning rush especially when I have to be at work by 8am.

As was today another rush. So my morning latte with a muffin. Muffins a big no-no in my book. I really shouldn't let the kids get them either but I haven't' been in the kitchen enough to bake some healthy once. One priority I need to make this week is food prep which includes some baking for the boys.

I opted out of aquafit today since a friend reminded me that hurt ears and water don't mix. Good to remember that so I went home and walked the dog. I need to remember to get a new leash! Then I watered the garden, tickle my tomatoes and grabbed some leftovers and kefire from the fridge. So not a bad day even if it started in a rush.

The boys and I have some yard work at home today and maybe another walk. I know they'll want to swim but I just can't go until my ears stop hurting. No plan for dinner, maybe a bok choy stirfry and leftover meat.

Some new quotes I lifted off Facebook.

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