Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Probiotic Drinks

I hadn't thought much about probiotics. I've been reading about them on all the whole food, clean food eating blogs and sites I've been on. A probiotic is good bacteria that helps with digestion by balancing out the microbs.

I have been interested for a long time in making my own yogurt and I still plan on doing that some day soon.

My wellness coach was making kefir and I got to try it. I ended up getting some grains from her and now have an abundance of the probiotic drink. The thing with the grains is that they feed on sugar and grow into a fermented drink.If you google it you will find tons of information. I'm also making kombucha tea. Which is made from a SCOBY, kinda like a homemade mushroom. Is't brewd over several days. I used to make with my Dad when I was 19 and then we heard some bad stories on the news and we gave it up. But it's actually great for you health, so I procured some SCOBY's and now the brewing has begun.

Kefir grains


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