Friday, June 28, 2013

Not Every Day is Perfect.

I really wish it were.
Today I did't feel like exercising.
I dressed for summer in an actual dress and
it was cloudy and my office was freezing.
I'm glad I keep a sweater there.
Then I had a croissant egg breakfast from the bakery.
They are so yummy but not good for you.
I didn't want to go to aquafit. I was cold.
I went anyway and then I grabbed a sandwich for lunch
but I also got a slice of carrot cake.
It was a good healthy dinner of chicken, veggies, brown rice.
I also managed to get the boys and dog to go for a walk when we got home.
So it was a day of struggle but I managed okay.

I'm glad it's Friday, I have a long list of things to do on this
long weekend
and a great book I'm rereading so I want to get my patio furniture set up
on the back deck so I can enjoy a cool drink while I read.
My husband is off finally.
He's been working long hours and at least he's busy at work.
So he gets two days off before going back on for another nineteen.

He plans on spending time with us, fishing and working on his sauna.

I have to figure out if I can still grow carrots because I forgot to plant some.

So a few rambles from me! :)

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