Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Tuesday.

I'm floating along. Doing my routine. Working on eating smaller healthy portions of food, tracking everything in my book. I feel hormonal surges coming on and those affect my moods, so I'm feeling pretty mellow lately. I have some sort of bug but my body is fighting it so I'm not as sick as I normally would be, so that's a plus. Plans keep changing on me, things out of my control and trying not to get me down and working on making everything fit in a budget and get all that needs to be done, done. Yup, it's life!

The boys start back to school next week. I'm already looking into taking next summer off to spend with the boys before they all grown up on me! :(

So that's my little update for now.

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Just Me! said...

Keep being positive! It really does help us keep plugging along!