Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Be Brave

I'm learning to come outside myself, to put myself out there and try new things. This might be coming from my meditation, my growing and reemerging of my rekindled self. It's a hard struggle to grow again after being in depression for so long.

New things: I worked with a trainer. I'm opening myself up to a deeper connection with my friends. For some time now I've been very closed off. I realized that when I don't open myself up to my friends it's a determent to the friendship. I have some really great friends.

Last fall I started by joining a committee. I've never liked meetings but I figured it was a for a good cause....my kids.

I started selling Avon. I'm not an outgoing person so this is a definitely a challenge for me. But there was already a customer base so that is good. Though at this point I'm not even sure why I sell it.

I'm working with a wellness coach and she is great. I've opened up and I have gained a vast amount of knowledge from her to help in my journey.  It's just amazing what it has done for me and how far I've come. The setbacks I have are no longer setbacks but stepping stones to my success. So happy about it all.

It's easy to be brave when you are in a positive frame of mind and just happy with life. No life is not perfect but it's a good life!

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