Friday, August 23, 2013

Weighty issues

This time round I'm not focusing on the weight loss. It's a side benefit. If it ever happens. :: Rolls eyes::

I'm made a lot of changes to my diet and exercise routines.

I exercise at least 3 times a week and I'm trying to up that to everyday. It's tiring sometimes. By the time I get home with the boys I really don't want to exercise next.

The biggest issue is food. To change the way you eat is changing years of habits and ingrained ways of life. I've slowly begun, I've made several changes, I've stuck to a few and others have gone away. I must be vigilant to keep up the new behaviours and make them new heathy habits.

I haven't found a diet or plan to follow and this may be the biggest worry. I want to eat clean whole foods. I've been shopping this way for awhile now and still buying some things that I know the boys will eat. They are resistant to change right now. I can't even get my youngest to eat lettuce right now.

Though he will eat soup with bok choy in it. I'll have to find other ways to include more greens. All the changes are good and they will become habits after a while and they will be passed on to my children.

Lately I feel like I need more of something, more exercise, more greens. So this coming week is going to be about pushing myself. Getting back to the gym since aquafit has changed to two days during the week instead of 3. Thought I supposed I can also go to the saturday workout. The pool will be closed for 3 weeks in Sept and then open for another month before closing down for the winter.

I'd like to start walking to work again since the weather is turning I really like walking in the fall which it is quickly turning to.

Okay, off to do some house work or sit and read my book?

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