Saturday, January 25, 2014

Detoxing and Cleanse

In the last 8 months I've definitely struggled with food but at the same time I try really hard to only use food as nourishment. It is very hard to just take one bite of a yummy treat.  At my craft night full of ladies and we have a quilting day once a month with a yummy potluck or my games night ladies group, we always have tasty food and that is hard to say no too especially when they all taste so good!

When I started working with my wellness coach she encourage drinking warm boiled water through out the day, you'd be surprised at how it affects your body. You can add lemon to it. She also suggested starting your day with a detox drink.

Daily Detox Drink

1 cup of hot or room temperature water
1 tbs. juice form one lemon
1 tsp. brigg's apple cider vinegar
1 tsp. raw honey or
a few drops stevia (which I never use)
dash of cinnamon

I've done a couple of detoxes this past year and while I don't think at this point I could sustain a plant based diet I am working toward it. When on the detoxes I felt great, I lost weight and  felt energized. Because I'm diabetic I had to make sure I had lean proteins in there too.

Green smoothies are a must as well. I love having my green smoothies. My husband usually makes them now. Any time of day we'll have them just to add some greens. I like to use a variety of fruits and veggies in mine and my husband likes his standard with blueberries. They are all good to me!

Now that I've started The Gabriel Method, it's basically creating habits of all the things I've learned already as well as adding visualization. It's a mind-body approach and I love it so far! I feel so uplifted, positive and just plain great!

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