Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Blitherings and Blatherings

Well, it's getting colder everyday. I'm up to two blankets and we've finally turned the furnace on. I wish we were cuddle rs but no, I get way to hot! Quilts and my fuzzy work great! :)

I've pulled in all my herbs for drying. I have a few calendula flowers out to get yet, hopefully they will last until morning. I really would like to make some more calendula oil that I love. It smells so nice. Lemon balm too, smells wonderful, who knew. The more I get to know these herbs, the more interesting life becomes. I'm packing for a quick overnight the city. Fun is that an girlfriend is down for work so we can go to dinner tomorrow night.

I was going to bring a quilt to work on but I'm having a hard time with the redundancy of this quilt. I know it will look wonderful when I'm done. I've been working on some drawings and I hope that I can find some nice designs for fabric and quilt patterns. I really am considering going back to school next year, maybe locally. Never too old to learn...right.

The Outlander, sigh...what can I say. I'm so happy they made this into a series. Jamie and Claire on screen is to die for. Not literally. I just love the show though. So I've been rereading and I'm on Drums of Autumn but with the show starting I downloaded an audiobook to listen to of the first book. Can I say road trip! Guess what I"m listening to to the city and back?

I'm feeling so good right now. I hit the gym first thing. Though my lower back has been a mite tender the last few days. Maybe I'll do a little yoga before bed tonight. Well, off to pack a few clothes.

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