Monday, September 08, 2014


Well I made a quick trip to the city to see what was wrong, I'll need to go back in a couple of weeks for some dental work. No fun at all!

Sorry I've been busy doing nothing. I'm taking care of my mental health and I feel so happy and grateful all the time. Love and family does that. Friends and time spent together does that.

It was a uneventful weekend. Scratch that, no two little cousins had birthday this weekend. Next my son has his 13th birthday. He'll be away hunting moose but I'm excited to bake him a cake and give him a few gifts and maybe have a friends and family bbq.

Lately I've had so much energy, I can keep up with the house and the boys, their chores get done, I'm cooking and baking again. Quilting, reading, yoga, meditation. I feel so on top of my game I feel so great. I'm so happy and just grateful that I am back to doing and being the person that I love.

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