Thursday, September 10, 2015


I was definitely taken in at a young age, I believed in love. I believed in finding true love, finding the one. The whole fairy tale. Love never happened like that for me. Was was never petite and pretty or confident. I fell in love with the first boy who was interested in me. I was still fairly young when I met my husband. I was pretty codependent. I didn't know who I was yet! I sometimes still don't. Life is a such a journey. 

Life really doesn't happen the way we think it will. I may have stopped believing in fairy tales. I do believe in love. I think that almost anything can be resolved. I think that almost anything can be overcome. I fall more in love with my husband as time passes. We are making it work and loving each other. As I grow as a person, and find my footing and love myself more. I will be a better person.

I wrote this on my wall the other day:
I see so many posts about how a man should be this or a woman should be this. Bottom line in a relationship, it takes two people to make it work and it takes two people for it to fall apart. Take responsibility for your actions and work to improve yourself for your current relationship or next relationship. Only you make you happy and that is who you should work on. You! If you want a relationship to work then let go of your ego and show that person you love that you actually love them and want it to work. This is aimed at no one in particular and I'm am not perfect in any way but the more I love and take care of myself the more I can love and take care of my family.

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