Friday, October 30, 2015

I guess next on the agenda is to take before pictures and measurements. I'm seeing my coach tonight and we are going to work on some strategies to help me stay focused and on track. I was a little worried about not being prepared but then I remembered that this is baby steps and I will take it one week at a time, even one day too!

I have my meal plan and list of groceries. So I'm going to pick out a few things that I can do consistently and stick with those. A couple of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. For me having the same thing makes it easier for me to plan and execute during my busy week schedule.

On other news I have pnuemonia, I've had it since October 2. I've done one round of antibiotics and it didn't work completely. This week, with my weakened immune system I got a sinus infection. So I've been more tired and fatigued than usual. I thought I was cure after the first time but it just lingered on and on. So I'm on the mend but waiting to get my energy back. I'm really missing the gym. I've managed to get some walks in and hopefully a hike on Sunday with some friends.

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