Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Whole Food Plant Based, a beginning.

My mind has been whirling for weeks now trying to process all the things I've been learning and trying the change my way of thinking. My biggest concern right now is all the lies we've believed our whole lives about food. The  companies that just want our money and will tell us anything to get it. Myself, I think that it's time to just give up all that is holding me back.

I'm really tired of beating myself up about what I'm eating. I crave sugar, there is no question. I can do find for a few days or weeks and then something triggers it and I'm on a candy bar binge. It's not fun. I admit these things to myself.

So here I am starting a newer sort of journey.

I've given up pop a couple of years ago, I've given up cigarettes for good, I've cut out processed foods from our house for the most part, it's really hard job to get rid of, there is so much process food out there, things we use everyday and do think about. I've basically stopped buying cereal about 3 weeks ago after I watched That Sugar Film.

I've struggle for years to lose weight. Back in 2009 I did it and then my personal live went to hell and I failed to hold on to it. And here I am 6 years later and still at it. I'm over 300lbs and have diabetes and this won't be for long.

I have a great routine of walking, going to the gym and doing yoga, pilates and qi-gong. I'm in a great frame of mind right now, moving forward.

So this week I aim to work on my breakfasts and a couple of other meals to start with.

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