Friday, February 12, 2016

Getting back on track. I'm almost healed. I'm fully functioning except for my tight hamstrings and I think that will just take time, as long as I continue to do my stretches everyday.

Our gym has been closed for renovations for some time and I really want to get back to it but I guess i can pull out my workouts for home and start there as well. Walking is back, as least, thank goodness. It's good to feel like I'm capable again.

It really plays on your emotions when you are not able to do things properly because of pain. You feel helpless and ashamed. And for me it's always been hard to accept or even ask for help. I've had to rely on my husband the last few weeks to take over and care for the boys while I care for myself and heal. It was a struggle and luckily I only broke down a couple of times. The EFT really helped me with my emotions during this time.

If you don't know what EFT is, then you should check it out. It's Emotion Freedom Technique. It's where you tap on pressure points, meridian points, whatever you'd like to call it. I was introduced to it about 3 years ago with my wellness coach and last year again with my life coach. I would use it sporadically but I've been using more often, not every day but when I notice pain or discomfort, if I can't settle my feelings or I can feel my emotions in my tense shoulders, then I tap. Believe me I was skeptical at first but I had an open mind and it really work for me right from the start, I felt the shift and change in my body and mind.

I use this site mostly. The Tapping Solution.  But there are a lot of resources out there if you look around, youtube has a plethora of videos on it.

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