Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Some days I feel old and some days I feel so determined. In mid-January I hurt myself. My back, it's always my back. I've been struggling ever since. They told me I most likely tore a disc, so herniated a disc, slipped disc. It's taken awhile to heal and just when I was starting to feel almost good again, it shifted to my sciatica and let me tell you that shit hurts. I had it before during one or two of my pregnancies and I hate it.

So the advice from doctors now is to keep moving which I have been doing but after my Monday visit over a week ago with the doctor (I've been a few times), I've had some really bad days. I feel like I'm on the mend and then I go to work and I sit and get up and sit and get up and within a few hours the pain is intolerable.

So yesterday I went to work and I tried standing a lot and I was limping around and it got uncomfortable so I laid down on my yoga mat and stretched (Dr. recommended stretches) and it would be okay for a little bit but I needed to rest, so I went home and then I went back to work after lunch and it got bad quickly again. So today, I am resting and moving at home. There is just no comfort at work.

All the while I'm on some drugs for this. Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories and tylenol. I was only taking the muscle relaxants at night but I want to function, so I've been taking them during the day the last couple few days as well. So I'm on the mend. My husband has been so good and he rubs this aspirin cream on my back a couple times a day and it helps so much.

I feel good otherwise, in good spirits and doubly determined to make my changes stick once I'm back to walking again and on plan.

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