Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Well I'm jumping in with both feet and see how I do. I started Saturday and today is Tuesday, I've had meat 3 times.

I decided I would start Saturday and well then Marcel made sausages for breakfast. I'm learning to say now or I'm just avoiding talking about food. It's going to be hard I think it getting everyone in the same frame of mind or on the right track. I did good for the rest of the weekend. The boys didn't want to try some food and Mickey always the adventurous one, ate the black bean burgers we had one night. I thought it was very good, same with the oven potatoes. We didn't have any kids at home on Monday night for dinner and Marcel wanted Salisbury steak, so we had that. It was very tasty and good but after I felt so heavy and bloated and to be frank, it had me running to the bathroom. So that was a no brainer. This morning, was a rush to work, I ended up getting a breakfast sandwich and it had bacon it, I mean come on who says no to bacon? LOL! So I have some areas to work on.

But I've been doing good, feeling good, my blood sugars are dropping, I don't feel heavy and bloated all the time, I have a lot of energy. I just feel so good and I'm eating good food with potatoes, rice, beans, lentils and lots of fruits and veggies.

I feel like it's a good start and I'll keep improving.

I made this salad, there was a version of samsuta orange salad going around facebook and it looked good. So I made my own version with what I Had on hand

Romain lettuce,
hemp seeds
chick peas
oranges and topping with lemon juice.

I found it very good but Marcel tried one chickpea and wouldn't have any more. LOL.

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