Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm not sure where to start. I started this journey on March 12 with lots of ups and downs and then I started again April 11th or so. I did too much travelling during that time, trips to the City and all that good food at my fingertips. Plus I was at meetings and conferences and they always serve goodies. It was hard but I did not too bad some days.

Anyhow, it's getting easier. I still have to occasional slip up with cheese or eggs. Bake goods and chocolate have been the hardest but I'm really concentrating on that part now and finding other things to please that sweet tooth of mine.

In the last year exactly I have lost 13lbs. and 10 of that since April 11th. Not too bad. I'm feeling very positive and well. I sleep a lot. According to some people on line that is because I'm healing my body and it's something to do with adrenal fatigue and your body healing.

I have so much energy and feel so strong and clear minded. I think I will keep this up!

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