Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Struggle

The struggle is not this way of eating. This way of eating is pretty good, keeps me sated. Occasionally if I'm not prepared, it's hard. The foods I eat need to be prepped. If it's grains or beans, lentils or pulses then I have to prepare in advance. Prepping vegetables as well takes time.

Right now in my fridge I have brown rice, boiled red potatoes, veggie lentil soup, pinto beans and black bean dip.

An example of this is last night I had a rice bowl for dinner. So I just heated up some rice, black beans, onions and mushrooms and some broccoli, add some kimchi and there's dinner. It was quick and delicious.

If I'm not prepared it's way harder. I'm still trying to work in more fresh vegetables. That's my goal this week.

So here it is another day and I didn't finish this post.

Last night I made a nice spinach miso soup and had that with rice.

So my struggle is still the same,so this morning in a mad rush I got an omelette with hashbrowns. This wasn't so bad except that I've given up eggs.  You see.

So when I went to the City over a week ago I had troubles, I was with my boys and they didn't want to eat anywhere I wanted to eat and I was too tired and stressed out to deal with it so I just went wherever. I did order foods that were healthy and no meat.

The boys wanted Boston Pizza of course. So we did. I ordered a spinach salad and it came with bacon and a creamy sauce, which I really didn't see mentioned on the menu. So I know I have to be more diligent.

And since that trip I've had been struggling with eggs and cheese. I'm not so far gone now, I've straightened out the last few days but it's a learning process. I just keep at it as best I can.

One day at a time.

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