Thursday, June 16, 2016

What I failed to mention was my addiction to sugar. It's been my biggest struggle in the journey.

Changing my way of thinking is what helps me the most. I know that I love and had barely resist the call of baked goods and chocolate. I avoid going near the places that have these baked goods.

What was really funny was the past weekend I made nice cream, so it's frozen bananas blended with whatever ingredients you like, my favourite is some rice milk, cocoa and cherries or just strawberries. I fed to my kids as usual and my youngest had a friend over and she had some as well. She said it was better than real ice cream. Cool!

So while she was there I told her I and we didn't eat real dairy and then my husband brought me a chocolate bar for a treat. The little girl was like but chocolate has milk in it. Oh gosh! What a moment for me. I know that chocolate bars have milk in them but it never really hit home, I don't know why but gosh! Those moments.

It was like that moment when my youngest said to me, "If you don't want us to eat those foods why to you buy them?" It's so true, I give in to my kids, I still feel like I'm depriving my boys of these treats and honestly, they don't need them. They are as addicted to sugar as I am. At least my oldest is. I really have to discuss it more with him in a way that he will listen. It's very hard because he has impulse control issues. He and my youngest are the hardest to get to try the new foods.

My middle is more open but we are learning too that his peanut allergy, is really a legume allergy. He's reacted to soy and lentils so far and possibly chickpeas. It's put a real damper on my menu. I love lentils and will make them for myself but I have to find other recipes to try since my oldest is allergic to peanuts and nuts as well and so this means he could be allergic to all legumes as well.

I do have to discuss if more with his doctor and see if he should have further testing.

So in conclusion there is a whole lot of learning and adjusting going on in my home and I think it's so much for the better.

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