Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The scale!!

So my ongoing journey to health.

So these days I'm walking 2 day a week with a friend and the other 3 days I'm doing aquafit. Still my fav after all these years. My bike is finally fixed and I can get back to biking. The family, the five of us have started walking/hiking out in the woods on the weekends when Marcel is off work. He works for Forestry in the summer so he had long hours and gets off every 19 days. Though this year has been a slow fire season so far.

Biking and walking are the biggest things we are doing.

Things are up and down as usual but I'm back on track with my eating, I was struggling for a couple of weeks already but I'm back baby!! Haha.

So, the big thing right now is that the scale sabotages me. Not directly but I like using the scale daily to one see my progress and make adjustments. My problem is that when the scale gets low, I somehow give myself permission to eat junk. Whether I am treating myself or sabotaging myself I don't know. But I am giving up my scale for the next month.

I made that decision over a week ago and well, I've cheated a couple of times.

So right now I concentrate on getting a good nights sleep, eat good healthy and nutritious food and exercising, nothing over strenuous but still moving everyday.

It's a journey with lots of adjustments. I'm good with that. As long as I'm on the right path and still moving forward. I don't think these changes are going to happen overnight or that I will be skinny tomorrow but I have goals and I'm willing to work toward them.

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