Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Struggling to get back on track 100%.

Moving from a standard american diet to a whole food plant based diet is no easy task for me. I've been at this since roughly March of 2016. Some months I flopped, others I succeeded immensely. Now, I struggle. Not sure why or what or anything but I have. When I first gave up meat and dairy completely in May of 2016, it was so easy. I didn't have an issue really except for sweets. It's always sweets.

And I've practised and I've learned a lot. It's the habit that keeps getting in the way. Or my feelings or my need for chocolate or that baked good. I've worked with a wellness coach and life life coach for the last five years and I'm slowly making progress to the old but new me after years of depression and neglect. Some days good, some not so much.

Yes here I am. Using my grit or tenacity to keeping on keeping on. I will do this, I will succeed. Right now I take each day anew. I plan what I'm going to each and it doesn't always work out but it's progress.

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