Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Valiant efforts by two-year old...

It's not that I don't mind my independent son trying to potty train himself, I honestly don't mind cleaning the occassional accidents caused by number 1, they are easy enough, wipe up, mop a little with bleach, undress son, give him the once over. It's the other messes I can't stand.

I understand and accept that he understands his urge to go to the bathroom. That is fine and actually really great because he's growing up and learning. It's the number two messes I can't stand. He doesn't always make it all the way on the toilet on time and that is inconvenient.

Yes, this is on my mind and I just finished cleaning up another job. At least it's only once a twice a day right now, right?


Amanda said...

Oh, man! LOL.

Potty accidents are no fun... poor you for having to clean them, and poor him for having them! Timins is everything, as they say.

Potty training himself though... That's a pretty sweet deal right there!

Amber said...

Sorry to hear about the poopy messes, but I wish my 2 yr old would be interrested in potty training!