Friday, July 13, 2007

In Other News...

I had a nice visit with a friend on Wednesday. We had lunch and went for a walk and checked out some shops. It was a nice time.

We've had power outages lately, about 4 of them I think so far in the last month. It's been the crazy weather I think, lot's of rain and thunderstorms.

Mickey has been trying to talk, the other day he said apple. He said it about 4 times and then would not say it again. It was awesome.

Mickey also had his first allergic reaction. The other day we were at the video store and he ate a candy off of the floor before I could stop him. I thought okay well what's the worst that could happen. On our way home he threw up, it's a good thing I pulled over and gave him a bag before he did it or we would have had a mess in the van. I thought Oh, poor guy is sick. I didn't think until later when we got home and he started rubbing his eye, it got all red and he got some hives around his one eye and his nose started running. I gave him some antihistamine. It wasn't until after all this that I wondered if the candy he found did this and maybe there was a peanut in it or something. It was a total bummer to find this out.

It's really frustrating at times dealing with allergies, I do it but it's frustrating.

So that's it for now.

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