Monday, July 16, 2007

Random Musings of the day....a couple of days.

My hair is at that perfect length where I can do nothing with it, hence, it is not perfect hair! I hate my hair. I wish I never cut it ever! I will never go short again in my life!


While heading home one night after a swim and an ice cream with the family. Happily eating his ice cream my 5 year old pipes up. "You know, when I eat, I can talk in my head."

Hubby and I had quite a giggle and were quite pleased with this revelation. To us another wonderful milestone.


Dude! Okay I love my friends but a few of them use the term 'Dude', not to make fun of my friends but I'm not like a 12 like year old like boy. Talk about 80's! I could start talkin' like a Valley Girl but Dude! I'm not into Ninja Turles! LOL! I love my friends and I know they can take a jab, just don't call me Dude anymore! Please! I don't know why but it urks me a bit and there are better things to call me. Hugs!


So at the Baby Celebration I got this picture frame and mold to take a hand or foot print. So I thought all the boys are asleep except for Bugaboo and I could do it now. So I read the instructions and get the stuff reading. Bugaboo is waiting in the wings so to speak. I pour the mold into the plastic container, it pours into a big lump and won't go down. I go so search for a ruler to spread it out, I'm gone a minute, come back and discover that the stuff is already hardening. It said to wait 3-4 minutes and not even 2 minutes has passed and it's hard. I quickly grabbed the baby, smeared petroleum jelly on his foot and stuck it on the mold, his foot didn't even budge the bold, not even an imprint.

Now, my thing is I missed out on this kind of thing with SmartGuy, I didn't think of it, god knows I remembered everything else but not a memento like this. I got Mickey's done when he was six months old and figured I would do the same for Bugaboo. So now I need some clay and hubby suggests some plaster for filling holes in walls and I might give that ago since we actually need some plaster for some holes in our walls.


Bugaboo is itching to get out of his jolly jumper now, so I'd better stop here. I'll some fill in some more later. I've been thinking about a bunch of things lately and I'd like to get them all down.


Jennifer said...

Hey don't feel bad. I'm constantly misusing the word "gnarly" for some odd reason. It's so bad I have D saying it! LOL!!

Siuan said...

For some reason, 'gnarly' reminds me of Sean Pean as a surfer, I think it was in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, I could be wrong. LOL