Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More musings.

I promise, I promise I post over at Not Just Cheesecake soon. I have sugarless cake, icing, rhubarb bread, bran muffins, pizza and brownie recipes to post. I've been baking lately but no fancy meals and I just don't have time to post over there, recipes are longer and take time to jot down unless I got the recipe on line.


My front deck, if you can call it that is becoming the Bermuda Triangle of the neighbourhood, yesterday, I found the tiniest poop from some dog and of course it got on youngest son's bike helmut and then oldest son stepped in it. Augh! This morning I heard a bang outside, I figure it was one of the crews working, there's a house being painted next door and a house being built across the street.

When hubby left this morning he called me out. There was a dead bird out there, it must have hit the window and that is what I heard. How sad, poor birdie!


Okay Little One, my Bugaboo has changed his sleep schedule and it's interrupting my quiet time. The boys now are usually in bed and asleep by 9:30, lately Little One has been going down at about 8pm and then getting up shortly after that and staying up until 10:20pm. This goes right into my quiet time and frankly it sucks. I got called away from Craft Night, first time I've gone in ages and Little One wouldn't stop crying. I worked on my scrapbook at home and then got distracted by a whole lot more stuff in the office. So I'm up until 1am or so and it makes me want to sleep in, in the morning.


The other stuff I was doing in the office was interesting. For some reason I started going through an old box of cards and letters. I ended up throwing a lot away only because it had two names on there and one was my ex, I didn't need to keep those around. Mostly cards and a few letters from pen pals and a few things for my boys, that I've been putting into their keepsake boxes but it also gave me a few more names to look up on Facebook, so we'll see how that goes.


Busy day today, swim lessons, park day, respite and a walk with a friend. Should be a good day.


I'm having teeth issues again. The earlies they could get me in was August 1 but that is a Wednesday, so it's put off until the 13th and hopefully hubby will be able to come with me since it's a two hour procedure apparently. At least I'm booked for 2 hours. Sometimes it's hard juggling 3 kids when you need to get things done.


I don't remember the last time my house had a deep cleaning and it needs it. In my eyes anyway. I love to clean and have a clean house but it doesn't happen these days. Some day I'll be able to get back to it. I look forward to that day, in the meantime I think I've grasped the concept of not worrying about it because I have three boys.


I think there would have been hope for me. Someone I know had a baby boy and before that she had 4 girls. So I think I could have finally had a girl if I had kept going. He does have two other daughters, so why not?

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