Sunday, September 23, 2007

I've always been ****, well I won't say it here because I'll probably get a flurry of lookey-loos over people obsessing on the derrier. How I can put this with out making myself seem crazy? I obsess over little things, I know what belongs to me and if I can't find it, it really bugs me. Example being when SmartGuy was a baby and used a pacifier. I knew we owned two and I had to know where they were at all times. I don't know why but I had to know and well if you've had a child who used the soother as I call it then you know that they just don't always stick around. The can hide very easily or get lost too! So of course this bugs the crap out of me when it happens. I so glad that neither of my next two children used those darn things.

So about five years ago I bought these cute little coasters that were blue with angels on them. I really like them. We were living in a different house at the time nad we only had SmartGuy. About a year later we move to our current residence and in that time one of coasters went missing. I looked everywhere for that darn thing and it was not to be found. I made sure that when we moved I checked everything too! After years now I finally came to the conclusion that it was gone forever, SmartGuy must have dropped in the garbage as he's done with many things in that time period and it got missed.

Recently we got a new DVD/video combo. It's the 3 one in as many years. They just don't seem to last. Ages ago I had this really nice VCR and then the DVD's came out. We used the VCR to hook up the new DVD combo player too, since our tv is ancient and doesn't have the neccessary RC plus or whatever they are called. Then after our first really nice DVD player quit on us we got the cheaper Samsung which just died on me and I don't know why.

So that went into our bedroom with the old VCR we used to hook up to our other old tv. So we jot these cheap JVC combo which worked fine until our son got ahold of it and broke it. So now on to another one. We've also got a portable DVD player and for some reason hubby picked up this cheap $25 DVD player that works but not every good. So...the JVC players don't need the RCA hookups and so we just use the JVC players. I hooked up the $25 cheapy to the bedroom and a brand new one in the living room.

So now I can get rid of my old VHS, that quit working a couple of years ago and the Samsun DVD combo. So I was taking them to the dump and when I turned the VHS on it's side I heard something in there, so being curious I got out the screwdriver and opened it up. So what do you suppose was in there? You'd be correct, my angel coaster was in there banging around and still in good condition. Makes me wonder if it was the coaster that stopped it from working. But the coaster wasn't in the playing part so I'm not sure how it got in there. Crazy!

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Anonymous said...

i remember the angel coaster
it really is the little things is'nt it
Oh how neat
love lots