Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Day 18

Just a repeat of yesterday. Things are good, getting better. Nothing has changed for the most part. I'm still at 314lb. I was this morning.

Hubby made breakfast so I had 2 turkery sausages, 2 scrambled eggs and a bit of hashbrowns. Later I had a hot chocolate and a pecan butter tart (not good). For lunch late I had chicken fingers and salad with a V8 splash.

First thing this morning my van was dead! Again! This is about the fourth time this winter and I'm thinking I may need a new battery. So I was a bit late for my appointment this morning but she was 10 minutes later than me, my nurse was.

So it was a good appointment. We talked about what I was doing, what I wanted to do and she gave me some suggestions. It was all good. So my goals for this week are to get the house clean, I've been cleaning in the morning when I get up early except today because I slept in a bit so I didn't get my walls done like I wanted to. I'm also going to work on less protien and more fruits and veggies and single servings. Good goals for the next week.

I'm also going to come up with a plan for leftover cake from the birthday party on Sunday, so it's not there for me to eat!


Cyndi said...

I am laughing at the washing the walls thing!!! Please don't tell me you wash your walls regularly?? I don't do it and I don't even have kids! You are amazing! Good idea to make a plan for the leftover cake - it would definitely be tempting!

siuan329 said...

Good golly no!!! I only do it when I really need to, like right now with the dirty handprints and my middles sons new found artsy behaviour!