Saturday, July 06, 2013

Food Journaling


1 skim fat free vanilla latte
1 breakfast wrap with sausage (didn't really need the sausage)

2 rysa crackers with butter
1 large glass of green smoothie (coconut milk, spinach, banana, chia seeds, coconut oil, strawberries & blackberries)

1 apple
10 dark chocolate covered acai berries (there might have been 8, not many left in bag)

10 golden tortilla chips (this was when we got home before dinner)

1 c. rice (I did enjoy with a little  butter, soya sauce and pepper)
1 chicken breast (no skin)
2 cups green lettuce and 1 sliced roma tomato with 1 tbs. italian dressing

2 rysa crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon (so yummy)

3 cups black coffee (I did have 1 of these with foamed coconut milk, about 3/4 c.)
6 cups water (could have drank more)

I've been having a hard time food journaling this go round, so I have to start somewhere.
I feel like I did fairly well yesterday. Only because I didn't eat too much. It was an ill prepared day.

I didn't eat enough veggies, I didn't prepare any of my snacks. This cold has lasted two weeks now and it' making me procrastinate when I should be preparing for all our whole food eating. We were scrambling to make lunches for the boys this week as well. Sunday I'm going to be better prepared for the coming week.

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