Thursday, August 10, 2017

Alright, I'm back on track. Up at the crack of 5am and hit the gym shortly after, finally after a week of sleeping in. It was a sweaty morn but I feel real good now.Now to get back to biking and walking to work, if only there weren't so many bears around making me scart'. LOL! And Mom will be back soon so I won't have to use the van every day to go up the hill. Yes! I got my van back last week! I'm so very happy about that. They take good care of my van at Chief Isaac Mechanical! It's running like a dream right now!

So I feel like I'm constantly restarting my journey but maybe it's not really restarting just lagging behind for a bit and then catching up again. I really need to ...stop saying I need to. I'd like to just not worry about it and just keep moving forward.

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