Wednesday, February 08, 2017

So I broke through a barrier. I've been working with my life coach going on two years, maybe more I'm not sure. I always seem to be in this endless cycle of stop and start and it would always stop at a certain weight.

I've been changing my life slowly, good changes, more social changes and it helps me be the person I'm supposed to be. The one without guilt or care about what others think. I've been too much a people pleaser my whole life and I'm not going to out of my way to be an asshole or anything but I won't be taken advantage of or talked down to or any of the other crap that comes with life sometimes.

I know I'm worth it. I can do anything I choose to do. I am good enough. These are words I needed to tell myself, convince myself and I really did but I had this little barrier up and I smashed it to pieces and I'm doing it, getting my goals, working to make my life great again!

So happy!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Here we go again....

Restart number...?

I started back up today. Feel good so far. I hope it clears up this knee pain that I've had for the last 2 weeks. It just came out of the blue. I have been eating what I like. It's been gradually back sliding but now I'm ready to get back on track. Two step forward, one steps back but I'm still moving forward.

Oatmeal is just the greatest breakfast, it's so versatile.

Lunch was a salad with rice corn and black beans. Feeling a little gassy today but that should go away soon.

Since I've back slide, I can feel it in my body. My sleep is not as good, I've had upset stomach more often, more aches and pains, no energy and breaking out in pimples. All this proof. I only notice last night and thought wow, I used to be so used to this that I thought it was normal and now I know it's not. So time for changes.

I'm starting by doing the Clean and Lean Challenge with High Carb Hannah. Love her style, videos and books.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Finally feeling back on track! Yes, on Day 2 again.

I'm not sure what happened but maybe I do. I went away from my ladies weekend, it was super fun as always and we had such a great time and spent some quality time together but I ate like crap. Mostly. I ate meat, I ate dairy and then I couldn't stop when I got back. I had it a few more times. And then Thanksgiving happened. We had 3 dinners in a row. I am powerless to turkey and stuffing! LOL!

Well now that's over and hopefully I will be better prepared next holiday which is not that far away!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

My frustration level is at an all-time high as I watch and see how humans treat each other. It breaks my heart every single time. I’m not a religious person and yet I believe that every life counts. To me all that matters is your heart. We are made to love, we are made to have compassion, we are made to protect one another and I don’t see it. I see hate and I see violence. We blame religion, we blame government and we blame society, we blame each other. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and how we treat other people. We need to step up and we need to stand up for each other. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Life's Purpose

I continue to search.......................

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I'll be honest. I've been struggling a little. Eating more junk food. The kids going back to school really threw off my game. Not sure why.But I'm back at the gym.
I'm slowly getting back eating on plan. I keep wanting to beat myself up about the slow progress and then my husband reminds me that there will be bumps in the road and we are in it for the long game, not a fast and easy one.
Patience. Not perfect.
I'm really want to give up alcohol and smoking. I'm not big in either area. Maybe a few drinks once or twice a month and not every month either. But when I drink I smoke.
It's harder because this is a social things with my girlfriends. We are going out this weekend and the following weekend we are going away. We usually do our trip once a year and this year we are travelling a few hours to a nearby town for two nights. It's a small and I mean tiny town. I don't know if there will be compliant food for me, so I'll be bringing my own food most likely.
So the journey continues and I don't think it will ever really end. It's will just become normal.
One day at a time!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Well I've been making myself over busy again.

I really do not know why I do that. Add a little of this and add a little of that and voila!

But it also seems that when I have more to do, I do more. I wonder why that is.

I started taking an online Herbal course last year and I never finished, then I found out I have until Oct 2017 to finish it, so I dug that out again.

School has started up, so I have to pick up my youngest for lunch a couple of days a week and I'm on school council, so that adds to my life.

I've been on a bit of an exercise break and I can feel my muscles going away. I'm trying to figure out a home routine in the mornings but my house feels full and cluttered so I want to get rid of some things.

I did start walking again and I'm thinking that I will walk to and from work more often. I wonder is I can keep it up through the winter, weather permitting of course.

Boys are happy and getting healthier everyday. They really are doing much better eating wise. Well except for the teenager, he's a work in progress.

Meal planning is really helping me, although I do find I spend a lot of time prepping and doing dishes. Eating this way does take a big of work but it's so work it.