Monday, April 14, 2014


1. Dressing up is his favorite. Mica loves to be 'handsome.'
2. Always hiding from my camera.
3. My sweetheart always smiles for me.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

New Quilt Top

I' did this mystery quilt with some of the ladies from my craft bugs group. There is a new spring mystery quilt going on soon next. I can't wait for that one but in the main time I've started another one called Radiant Jewel. It's a complicated mystery quilt but the end result is beautiful!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


1. Mickey just was too cute in his hat.
2. Kale was being cute while taking a bunch of pictures of him, he was cooperative for a change.
3. Mica, a little red in the eyes after the first couple of pictures.

I was taking advantage of the light in the last two.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sick Little Girl Doggie

 She just got home last night.
Yeah, so okay she's not so little. My girl was sick last week. We were working with the local vet last week to figure out what was wrong with her. She wasn't eating and was very lethargic.

By Saturday and Sunday she hadn't eaten and you could tell something was very wrong.
 We made the decision to take her to the city. Not realizing the vet here did surgery. Anyway, long story short she had something call pyometra, a condition female dogs can get where they get a bacteria in their uterus at the end of a heat. Which she had just finished. We had planned on get her spayed in April.

This condition could have killed her. We couldn't afford this emergency trip but ended up borrowing money to save our girl. We love her so much and the boys would be devastated if we last her, I would be too! I think we all would be. My husband and doggy made it home late last night.

It's been a very hard week on us all, the stress and I ended up at the hospital twice because of falls, one at work and one out on the slippery ice we have this time of year.

I'm just glad it's Friday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


1. Mickey, we were on our way home and the lighting was so nice I pulled over and snapped on on my ipad.
2. Mica, eating his soup and posing with my bear.
3. Kale, watching tv for the first time in forever up at my mom's! LOL!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


At Nana house for my nephews birthday dinner. Poor guy was sick with a bug on the couch while we ate dinner. But he was flush with presents and definitely up for eating his cupcake.

Boys learning the after dinner tradition of helping Nana. :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Meditation is saving me.

The past few weeks have been very hard, not because I'm in a bad place it's just life. I'm struggling with life right now. Life up until 7 years ago had always been relatively easy for me. I never had anything really go wrong or had any loss of a great importance, things just went my way, so I had a hard time dealing with the stress of life when life got rough.

I've just rode the waves of my emotional mess of a brain. The ups and the downs were terrible. I was on some medication for awhile and it made me feel nothing. I hated it. So when I started working on myself and working with someone I was introduced to meditation and from there it has moved to visualizations and working through limiting beliefs.

Meditation and visualization is literally saving me. I have changed so much in such a short period of time. Limiting believes are those subconscious believes that we have that limit how we go forward. Silly things like, I never lose weight this way, or I never do this or something that we heard when we are younger and hang on to. Such as something being wrong or believing you have to live a certain way to get what you want. There are a ton of them, I know I heard them all growing up.

Meditation can change things in you...if you open your mind. You can accomplish so much, I'm just at the beginning so I'm very hopeful about the chances that will happen for me. I've been reading today about how the mind can do things like cure disease, infertility, depression, you name it, so many different things had happen from meditation and visualization.

Right now I'm dealing with a lot but at the same time I'm in a great head space, feeling positive and also hopeful. Life is life and we do what we can.