Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Some days I feel old and some days I feel so determined. In mid-January I hurt myself. My back, it's always my back. I've been struggling ever since. They told me I most likely tore a disc, so herniated a disc, slipped disc. It's taken awhile to heal and just when I was starting to feel almost good again, it shifted to my sciatica and let me tell you that shit hurts. I had it before during one or two of my pregnancies and I hate it.

So the advice from doctors now is to keep moving which I have been doing but after my Monday visit over a week ago with the doctor (I've been a few times), I've had some really bad days. I feel like I'm on the mend and then I go to work and I sit and get up and sit and get up and within a few hours the pain is intolerable.

So yesterday I went to work and I tried standing a lot and I was limping around and it got uncomfortable so I laid down on my yoga mat and stretched (Dr. recommended stretches) and it would be okay for a little bit but I needed to rest, so I went home and then I went back to work after lunch and it got bad quickly again. So today, I am resting and moving at home. There is just no comfort at work.

All the while I'm on some drugs for this. Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories and tylenol. I was only taking the muscle relaxants at night but I want to function, so I've been taking them during the day the last couple few days as well. So I'm on the mend. My husband has been so good and he rubs this aspirin cream on my back a couple times a day and it helps so much.

I feel good otherwise, in good spirits and doubly determined to make my changes stick once I'm back to walking again and on plan.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

I've always been scared of life. I'm not sure where or how it happened. When I was younger I wanted so much, to live in the city, to travel the world and see everything. And somewhere along the line I got scared and only lived and felt comfortable in my little bubble. I would loath to come out of it. I felt safe at home and in my town. I wouldn't go anywhere. Even travel up the Dempster would see dangerous and forlorn.

As I have gained strength in myself again and in my mind I feel free and held back by constraints.  But in my journey I feel as if I am shedding a shell little by little, releasing what is holding me back. Alive and bursting to get out and live an adventurous life!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

I love Christmas. The spirit of Christmas, just love the feeling of being with people I love and sharing laughs and stories. We had our Christmas ladies night, it was a lot of fun. We talked and planned future events. We stood around a bonfire, we ate food, laughed, played games and gift games. All in fun!

We've been decorating the house. The kids just got a tree a few days ago and did a great job. It's huge but I'm happy the kids got it. It has lots of character!

This is my favorite picture of it. I have to adjust it because it's pushing on the blinds. Haha!

I'm hoping to finally get some baking done tomorrow. I've been cleaning and decorating. We'll have a full house on Christmas Day as usual, we always host a Morning Brunch and invite friends and family. And this year I'm doing dinner as well. Sorry I'll do some baking tomorrow and prep for Christmas day.

It's funny how Christmas has changed for me. 

We've developed new traditions. I'm trying to teach my children service, so we volunteer to put together and delivery the Christmas hampers. I'll have to come up with more way throughout the year where we volunteer. My oldest is already getting a taste for it by being involved at the youth center where they do a lot of service and jobs to raise money for trips and activities.

So we'll continue on making new and fun memories!

Oh I forgot about this.

Well it's the new year. How exciting!

I spent my holidays at home quilting, cleaning and organizing and spending lots of time with my boys.

I'm excited to go to Zumba! It's a beginner class so that should be fun, I'm doing it with a few of my friends as well! Should be fun!

Waling is going to be good too. I had started walking to work before the holidays so I hope to keep that up and a friend of mine wants to walk at lunch so that should be good now as well.

The gym is being renovated right now so I have to wait to get back to that part of my routine.

I had hoped to do yoga daily at home but it just never happened. So I'll work my schedule/routine.

I've been so content and happy as of late. I think spending so much time at home and not at work was just the thing I needed.

The purging is helping as well. It's so cathartic that every time something leaves my house, I feel this shift, this lifting of spirit. It is so amazing. Life is so wonderful. I feel blessed and in awe of my life. Only gets better everyday.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So I've been doing a lot of changes and I've recently come the conclusion, okay it hasn't been recent. I've been thinking about it for a long time but I've never made any changes. So I started once this book I heard about finally came in for me at the library after waiting several weeks. Just the fact that I had it was motivation enough and well I have been reading a little bit every night.

The book is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Konda.

Since the moment I opened this book, it made sense. It spoke to me. So much of it made sense and I could identify with the writer and the story she was telling. I was awe struck. It's helping me, I've been downsizing like crazy and I'm so happy about it. It is so freeing!!

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Well here we are 11 days after I started. It has been difficult but I'm moving forward. I'm trying and I will keep on trying every day.
It's that damn sugar, it's horrible addicting stuff and I haven't been able to shake it yet. I have been able to cut back a great deal of a number of things; meat, oils, dairy.

I had been hoping I would be able to do daily updates but life has been hectic lately, busy with house stuff, kids stuff, friend stuff, quilting stuff and on top of that really paying attention to my body and what it needs.

Still have not done my measurements or before photos but I'll get to that soon enough.

Day 26

Yesterday was a bad day. I ate terribly and it showed in how I felt in the evening and the next morning my blood sugar was high.

So it was a good reminder, kick in the butt that I needed.