Wednesday, September 17, 2014


In the last year I've really learned to focus on myself. I breath as often as I can, not just usual everyday breath but deep soul penetrating breaths.

I become focused.

I become whole.


My focus lately has been on my husband.

Connecting on that deeper level again.

Too often we go on with life everyday focused on the frenzied life of being the parents of three creative and boisterous boys.


We have started a new thing with the boys, in working toward meditation we are breathing together. Just a few minutes at the beginning of the day.

We will see what this brings.

Turning to a simpler life is not always easy. sometimes I feel like I need this or that and I get it. I'm working on addressing that. I have a rebel in me that any time changes are made I subconsciously say 'whoa, hang on there, you didn't clear this with me, I'm not doing that.' I have to keep that guy in check.

This summer I downsized a lot and I honestly, I'm not done I will continue on this effort. We are talking about moving in with my Mother, she needs help around the property and we don't want her to sell what our father built.

It's only talk for now but there are still a lot of changes we are trying to make in our lives. We want more of a family/community in our lives. With my depression for years I was pretty anti social so getting myself out and about again is a work in progress. I miss having people at our house, feeding them, talking to them, just having company. In fact we both do.

Now we move on and find our way again. Bringing in those that are  here and love us and consider us friends. We open our home and our hearts to those.

Thursday, September 11, 2014