Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Well I've been making myself over busy again.

I really do not know why I do that. Add a little of this and add a little of that and voila!

But it also seems that when I have more to do, I do more. I wonder why that is.

I started taking an online Herbal course last year and I never finished, then I found out I have until Oct 2017 to finish it, so I dug that out again.

School has started up, so I have to pick up my youngest for lunch a couple of days a week and I'm on school council, so that adds to my life.

I've been on a bit of an exercise break and I can feel my muscles going away. I'm trying to figure out a home routine in the mornings but my house feels full and cluttered so I want to get rid of some things.

I did start walking again and I'm thinking that I will walk to and from work more often. I wonder is I can keep it up through the winter, weather permitting of course.

Boys are happy and getting healthier everyday. They really are doing much better eating wise. Well except for the teenager, he's a work in progress.

Meal planning is really helping me, although I do find I spend a lot of time prepping and doing dishes. Eating this way does take a big of work but it's so work it.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Life goes on.

Honestly, I guess this can be really boring unless I'm posting recipes everyday and talking about everything I learn.

One newish struggle is allergies in the family. My oldest has had a peanut and nut allergy since he was 10 month old. Plus other allergies, some food but they went away. My middle guy is 11 now and he only started getting allergies when he was about 9 and he too allergic to nuts and peanuts. This winter he had reactions to either shellfish, a preservative or something in the can of a brand company. He also reacted to lentils and tofu (so soy) as we've changed the way we eat. He has become vegetarian himself. He makes me so pround.

My youngest has also had a reaction to peanuts. So all three brothers avoid the nuts. I myself have been having interesting reactions too food. The one main one that drives me crazy is my cheeks turn bright red when I have something. I haven't figured it out yet but I think it's pesticides. After I eat an apple with the skin on, bright red but it does happen with other foods, so I have to really watch what I eat but I haven't narrowed it down yet. But I will.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Planning is what I need to do.

I find a lot of my missteps happen when I don't plan.

Planning is not something I do. It has never been my strength. I used to be very organised just by being and now I have to rely on notes and my daily journal to keep track of everything. What I have decided is to start planning out my meals on a weekly menu. I'm going to tape it to the inside of my journal, either by week or just in the front of the cover.

I'm not sure what will work yet and I will find out because I will succeed at this.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The scale!!

So my ongoing journey to health.

So these days I'm walking 2 day a week with a friend and the other 3 days I'm doing aquafit. Still my fav after all these years. My bike is finally fixed and I can get back to biking. The family, the five of us have started walking/hiking out in the woods on the weekends when Marcel is off work. He works for Forestry in the summer so he had long hours and gets off every 19 days. Though this year has been a slow fire season so far.

Biking and walking are the biggest things we are doing.

Things are up and down as usual but I'm back on track with my eating, I was struggling for a couple of weeks already but I'm back baby!! Haha.

So, the big thing right now is that the scale sabotages me. Not directly but I like using the scale daily to one see my progress and make adjustments. My problem is that when the scale gets low, I somehow give myself permission to eat junk. Whether I am treating myself or sabotaging myself I don't know. But I am giving up my scale for the next month.

I made that decision over a week ago and well, I've cheated a couple of times.

So right now I concentrate on getting a good nights sleep, eat good healthy and nutritious food and exercising, nothing over strenuous but still moving everyday.

It's a journey with lots of adjustments. I'm good with that. As long as I'm on the right path and still moving forward. I don't think these changes are going to happen overnight or that I will be skinny tomorrow but I have goals and I'm willing to work toward them.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What I failed to mention was my addiction to sugar. It's been my biggest struggle in the journey.

Changing my way of thinking is what helps me the most. I know that I love and had barely resist the call of baked goods and chocolate. I avoid going near the places that have these baked goods.

What was really funny was the past weekend I made nice cream, so it's frozen bananas blended with whatever ingredients you like, my favourite is some rice milk, cocoa and cherries or just strawberries. I fed to my kids as usual and my youngest had a friend over and she had some as well. She said it was better than real ice cream. Cool!

So while she was there I told her I and we didn't eat real dairy and then my husband brought me a chocolate bar for a treat. The little girl was like but chocolate has milk in it. Oh gosh! What a moment for me. I know that chocolate bars have milk in them but it never really hit home, I don't know why but gosh! Those moments.

It was like that moment when my youngest said to me, "If you don't want us to eat those foods why to you buy them?" It's so true, I give in to my kids, I still feel like I'm depriving my boys of these treats and honestly, they don't need them. They are as addicted to sugar as I am. At least my oldest is. I really have to discuss it more with him in a way that he will listen. It's very hard because he has impulse control issues. He and my youngest are the hardest to get to try the new foods.

My middle is more open but we are learning too that his peanut allergy, is really a legume allergy. He's reacted to soy and lentils so far and possibly chickpeas. It's put a real damper on my menu. I love lentils and will make them for myself but I have to find other recipes to try since my oldest is allergic to peanuts and nuts as well and so this means he could be allergic to all legumes as well.

I do have to discuss if more with his doctor and see if he should have further testing.

So in conclusion there is a whole lot of learning and adjusting going on in my home and I think it's so much for the better.

The Struggle

The struggle is not this way of eating. This way of eating is pretty good, keeps me sated. Occasionally if I'm not prepared, it's hard. The foods I eat need to be prepped. If it's grains or beans, lentils or pulses then I have to prepare in advance. Prepping vegetables as well takes time.

Right now in my fridge I have brown rice, boiled red potatoes, veggie lentil soup, pinto beans and black bean dip.

An example of this is last night I had a rice bowl for dinner. So I just heated up some rice, black beans, onions and mushrooms and some broccoli, add some kimchi and there's dinner. It was quick and delicious.

If I'm not prepared it's way harder. I'm still trying to work in more fresh vegetables. That's my goal this week.

So here it is another day and I didn't finish this post.

Last night I made a nice spinach miso soup and had that with rice.

So my struggle is still the same,so this morning in a mad rush I got an omelette with hashbrowns. This wasn't so bad except that I've given up eggs.  You see.

So when I went to the City over a week ago I had troubles, I was with my boys and they didn't want to eat anywhere I wanted to eat and I was too tired and stressed out to deal with it so I just went wherever. I did order foods that were healthy and no meat.

The boys wanted Boston Pizza of course. So we did. I ordered a spinach salad and it came with bacon and a creamy sauce, which I really didn't see mentioned on the menu. So I know I have to be more diligent.

And since that trip I've had been struggling with eggs and cheese. I'm not so far gone now, I've straightened out the last few days but it's a learning process. I just keep at it as best I can.

One day at a time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm not sure where to start. I started this journey on March 12 with lots of ups and downs and then I started again April 11th or so. I did too much travelling during that time, trips to the City and all that good food at my fingertips. Plus I was at meetings and conferences and they always serve goodies. It was hard but I did not too bad some days.

Anyhow, it's getting easier. I still have to occasional slip up with cheese or eggs. Bake goods and chocolate have been the hardest but I'm really concentrating on that part now and finding other things to please that sweet tooth of mine.

In the last year exactly I have lost 13lbs. and 10 of that since April 11th. Not too bad. I'm feeling very positive and well. I sleep a lot. According to some people on line that is because I'm healing my body and it's something to do with adrenal fatigue and your body healing.

I have so much energy and feel so strong and clear minded. I think I will keep this up!